Crazy Street

If ever there was a celebration of life in the vibrant streets of Chittagong, Bangladesh, then this photobook is it!

Bangladesh cities are the very definition of a visual explosion of primary colours. Chittagong is no exception. Crowded streets where human muscle, sweat and effort powers large parts of the economy. A cacophony of street sounds and horns, and a constant bumping over pot holes. The air is filled with the fumes emitted by thousands of two stroke petrol engines that are guaranteed to make even the most seasoned traveller feel slightly nauseous. And there is a fragrance associated with decaying vegetable matter and semi open sewers.

Every day I went out, I ventured further and further from the safety of my hotel, and have discovered Bangaldesh to consistently show humanity at its best.

I had explored and photographed Chittagong and Dhaka many times.

Out of the blue I ended up with six days in Chittagong unexpectedly. I walked over 140 kilometers around Bangladesh’s second city of Chittagong over six days. I stopped and talked to hundreds of its residents. I photographed even more. Crazy Street is the result.