Let’s make your image!

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Time for new photographs?

Step 1 – plan your image

Firstly, we will sit down and have a coffee. Sebastian takes sugar and Christopher does not.
We will listen. We will ask. We will suggest. We will plan.

Hey, it’s your image. Getting that right is important.

Have a coffee
Have a coffee

Step 2 – take your image

We’ll get to work. We will shoot. We’ll make it fun.

(Even for those of you who hate being in front of a camera)

We’ll discuss. And adjust. We will curate. And at the end we will have it in the can!

We will make it fun!
We will make it fun!

Step 3 – make your image

We’ll lock ourselves away. Burn some midnight oil.

And at the end you will get your images. Electronically or as prints.

They will be cool. So cool that you’ll want to show them to your family and friends.

Or to your customers..!

They will be cool!
They will be cool!

They say that “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

It sounds simple. In practice finding the right image is much harder.

We can help. We will work with you to plan & shoot the your perfect image(s).

It doesn’t matter whether you need photographs for your business or for yourself. Sebastian and Christopher will help make a unique, stunning photographs that reflect you. We believe that your image is important.

We will deliver your images on time. We will give you a great price. And we will make you smile!

Yes, please. Show me your contact details…