Lockdown Teddy

Lockdown Teddy started as a figment of my imagination. Now he is real.

Lockdown started off as an extra weekend away from work. Then it became a mini break at home. And then it somehow transformed into something of its own.

Tell Good Stories

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Tell Good Stories

2020 was a scary, but unique time. I set to record this period through the eyes of my wife Liz’s childhood Teddy Bear. This is the world through the eyes of Lockdown Teddy.

We all started out thinking “Great, time off. How hard can this be”?

However, in the end we all experienced the same insecurities, watched TV, looked out the window with a longing for our old freedom, and we ate. We called our families and our friends. Suddenly, it was no longer a holiday.

And then we went to the kitchen and cooked so that we could eat some more…

This was a very reflective period. It seemed right to make these images on large format cameras. These big cameras are bulky, time consuming and slow. But Lockdown Teddy (and for that matter Liz and I) was not going anywhere in a hurry.

It was hard to see where this was all heading. What would the new normal look like?

But day by day, Lockdown Teddy began to develop a narrative of his own.

As I look back at the series I am amazed how accurately this series portrays those first few months.

Prints from the Lockdown Teddy series are available. These are hand printed and double toned.

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