Women and Photography

Women and Photography

A series of lectures and workshops for people interested in a women’s perspective of art history, curation and for photographers who are looking to create something different.

So, why a workshop on Women in Photography? The importance of balanced imagery has never been more important or more relevant. This series of lectures and workshops has been designed to empower photographers, art historians and curators by looking at photography through the female lens.

share the experience of our outstanding lecturers & receive feedback in small group portfolio reviews

Signe Brande - Laundry in Leppäsuo - 1907 - Helsinki City Museum
Signe Brande – Laundry in Leppäsuo – 1907 – Helsinki City Museum

1. the history of photography. a women’s perspective

Haley Drolet

Women have always been a powerful force in photography. What would our photographic history look like if our photographic history were written to reflect this?

Saturday October 16th at 14:00 BST (UK summer time)

Paola Paredes - Until You Change
Paola Paredes – Until You Change

2. achieving positive outcomes through research

Paola Paredes

Can research can lead to better outcomers in your work?

Paola Paredes considers the importance of research. She illustrates how a detailed initial exploration can exponentially increase the depth and nuance of photographic projects through her own work.

Saturday October 23rd 14:00 BST (UK summer time)

Laura El-Tantawy - "Women of Tahrir" from "In the Shadow of the Pyramids"
Laura El-Tantawy – “Women of Tahrir” from “In the Shadow of the Pyramids”

3. succeeding in the world of documentary photography

Laura El Tantawy

Documentary photography is a highly competitive sector.

Laura encourages photographers to build their unique voice as storytellers, and reflects on her own experiences.

Saturday October 30th 14:00 GMT (UK winter time).

4. getting your photobook published

Clare Strand

Clare shares her personal journey from the conception of an idea through to publication

Saturday November 6th 14:00 GMT (UK winter time).

Yan Wang Preston - Mother River
Yan Wang Preston – Mother River

Zelda Cheatle and Sebastian Ebbinghaus talk about the a curator’s perspective to finding new work. In this session two experienced curators step through the curatorial process from the begining of an exhibition concept through to live exhibition.

Saturday 13th November   14:00 GMT (UK winter time).

6. review: personal project reviews

This is where it all comes together. Participants will present their work in a final portfolio review. The course will be broken into small groups which will be facilitated by a tutor from an arts or photography background.

Limited places available

Saturday November 20th 14:00 GMT (UK winter time).

There will be lecturers by interesting and accomplished photographers and curators. Equally importantly, participants are encouraged to develop their skills by working on their own projects. There will be review seminars to provide critique and conversation, and an opportunity to present your project in the final sessions.

The program has three streams. You can elect to paricipate in exercises centering on Art History, or Curation and of course there is also a stream designed for Practicing Photographers.

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