get your work on the gallery wall. a curator’s perspective.

Yan Wang Preston - Mother River
Yan Wang Preston – Mother River

How to get your work on the gallery wall. A curator’s perspective, with Zelda Cheatle and Sebastian Ebbinghaus:

What do you need to do to get your work exhibited on a gallery wall?

Zelda has exhibited works by a myriad of acclaimed photographers and artists including Helen Chadwick, Eve Arnold, Joy Gregory, Imogen Cunningham, Sarah Moon, Lee Miller, and Mari Mahr, to name a few.

Sebastian is the former Curatorial Director of The Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai. He has curated in excess of 50 exhibitions and worked with over one hundred photographers and artists.

In this session Zelda and Sebastian will share their experience and offer advice and their expertise through a story based approach.

Saturday 13th November  14:00 BST

This is week 5 of 5.

After several years working as a photographer, curator and art critic Zelda Cheatle joined The Photographers’ Gallery (1981-1988) before opening her eponymous gallery, Zelda Cheatle Gallery (1989 – 2005).

The Zelda Cheatle Gallery strikes a balance between highlighting young and emerging artists while acknowledging the history of photography and exhibiting iconic work from throughout the 20th century.

Zelda is currently editing, lecturing, consulting, and curating exhibitions internationally.

Former Curatorial Director for The Empty Quarter Gallery, the Middle East’s most prestigious photography gallery, Sebastian Ebbinghaus has curated numerous exhibitions of revered photographers across the world. In his own work, Sebastian pairs serious narrative with subtle humour, describing himself as a “collector of situations”.