getting your photobook published

getting your photobook published. by Wendy Ewald.

Portraits and Dreams - Wendy Ewald
Portraits and Dreams – Wendy Ewald

Wendy Ewald has collaborated on photography projects with children, families, women, workers and teachers for over  forty years.

She works with children and women and she encourages them to use cameras to look at their own lives, their families and their communities, and to make images of their fantasies and dreams. While making her own photographs in the communities, she asks collaborators to alter her images by drawing or writing on them, challenging the concept of who actually makes the image – who is the photographer, who is the subject, who is the observer and who is the observed.

Wendy has published 15 books throughout her career (in addition to a re-publication of her early work “Portraits and Dreams”).  In this lecture Wendy shares her experiences in “Getting a Photobook published”.

Saturday November 6th 14:00 BST.
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