seminar 2: personal project reviews

This is the second of two seminars in the series. It offers an opportunity to have your own project review in a small group environment. Tutors will provide feedback and facilitate the session.

This second seminar will provide a platform for you to present your project to both the both the tutor and the other participants. It is an opportunity to receive a critical review in a positive learning environment.

(The project doesn’t have to be complete, but to make the most of this course, you should have progressed from the previous seminar).

Participants will be grouped into three groups. Those interested in art history, curation and practicing photographers.

If you are already working on a large project, you may wish to use all or part of it here. Alternatively this may be the perfect sandbox to try an approach that you would not normally consider.

We are in week 7 of 7.

Saturday August 14th 14:00.